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thumbnail for the youtube video of the Diagrammar talk

diagrammar: simply make interactive diagrams

my talk at Strange Loop about the diagramming tool Brilliant uses to teach math and science

icon for Ears


walk around Malmö, explore a garden of sound

icon for Hexatone: a hexagon with progressively larger hexagons behind it


multi-touch musical instrument, exploring hexagonal key layouts. best on iPad/tablet.

many particles in a hexagonal packing

many tiny things

see how the macroscopic world emerges from simple microscopic particles (desktop only)

tiny screenshot of Don't Watch Paint Dry in a Corner

don't watch paint dry in a corner

5 min puzzle game about painting floors

icon for fotofoto


here's a photo, figure out where it was taken

smudged black blob


an interactive visualisation, to be played to music (desktop only)

icon: baseball cap flying through the air


a band, a podcast, three friends

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